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Reservation methods

Check the availability on the calender above. If it is not occupied (on your interested date(s)) in this calander a fair change we are available for you.


To request a reservation, 2 options:

A) Direct: Contact form (or direct Email)

B) Booking.com

  • Below mentioned the details for your preference (shortcuts/links), how to do a reservation ...

A) Direct: Contact form (or direct Email)

We will reply on your request in 24hrs.


To serve you optimal, tell us:

-) Your requested date(s)?

-) Amount of people?

-) Country/City?

-) Phone nr?

-) Reason for stay? 


Opmerking: De met * gemarkeerde velden zijn verplicht.

B) Booking.com

You can also book us at Booking.com if you personally prefer?

Click here to go directly to Booking.


* ) There will be a higher rate making use of Booking.com services than directly at us, because Booking.com charge us with a certain commission each booking.

*) If you want to pay with a creditcard (?), joining us by Booking.com is the only option we provide in this...