Jaguars Residence - Who are we?

We are Linda & Marc Breukers. Mother and father of 2 children (son born in 2002, daughter born in 2003). We have been living in this "corner" of Eindhoven for 20 years, but only in May 2017 did we come to live here at this address. Few months later, September 2017 we have opened our touristic apartment after months of hard work. A wish that we have cherished for years, our own apartment for tourists/visitors to serve people who wants to visit Eindhoven and area. 


Briefly about ourselves. Besides being parents, we are both fanatic (recreational) sporters. Linda plays tennis and fittness-boxing and Marc does (trail-) running (especially through the forests in the area) and crossfit. Walking with our dog every day, preferred in the local forest, is our quality moment together which we both enjoy. Linda is your daily hostess for the apartment. Marc works for ASML since 1998. Before, Marc has a -Master of Science- degree in physics (@TUE).


We look forward to seeing you! Linda & Marc